wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Sectional door installation

Sectional door installation

wuxi newton technology sectional door

Sectional door installation:

The sectional door installation is quite important to ensure the door will run smoothly. And this post is providing the guidance and notes for whom needs it.

The sectional industria door panel is composed of two layers of galvanized steel sheet, the surface is sprayed with polyester coating, and the two steel sheets are filled with high-density expanded polyurethane foam. It has the advantages of easy operation, good heat preservation and sealing, and strong mechanical resistance. It is suitable for various types of workshops, logistics warehouses or special garages with high thermal insulation, sealing and aesthetic requirements.

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Sectional door installation step:

1. Verify the size of the door opening

2. Install the auxiliary rail

The size of the auxiliary rail should be increased by 70mm on the left and right sides of the door panel, and the verticality should be paid attention to during installation.

3. Fixed track. When installing the track, be sure to pay attention to the slope. The track should be tilted 25px for every 1 meter of door opening. The distance between the bottom rail and the wall should be 50mm, the joint part of the rail should be aligned, and the connection between the auxiliary rail and the L angle should be fixed with M8 carriage bolt screws and flange nuts. The fixed L angle is made of porous angle iron, and the fixing must be firm.

4. Put the torsion spring center bracket, nylon rubber ring, fixed flange, torsion spring matching the weight of the door body, locking flange, rope reel and bearing bracket on the central shaft tube in order (distinguish the left and right sides). , and pay attention to whether the parts are installed correctly.

5. Install the door panel.

Find the first board, the bottom of this board has a square tube inside, and the inner lining of the door panel is also large, which is used for fixing the anti-break device. Generally, the door panel is marked with a bottom or 1. After finding it, install the bottom seal on the groove of the bottom plate, prevent the knife from breaking on both sides, and fix it with M5.5 drill tail. The bottom seal is fixed with a diameter of 5 rivets. Tilt the door panel and install the rollers. Press the anti-break knife to slowly flatten the blade so that the blade is stuck on the track. Use a leveling instrument to find the level, so that the two sides of the door panel are consistent, and cushion the door panel with a cushion. Flat, start to install the large hinges on both sides, and install the door panels in sequence. When fixing, pay attention to the connection gap on the front. After the fixing is completed, the middle small hinges are equally divided.

6. Tighten the torsion spring.

Put one end of the wire rope loop on the hook shaft of the bottom wheel bracket, and apply the tension to the torsion spring according to the specified tension table. Do not exceed or fall below the specified number of half circles. Hang the other end on the reel, tighten the wire rope, lock the reel, then lock the locking flange, and remove the pinned steel rod.

7. Install the motor, and pay attention to adjust the coordination of each part.

    Sectional door installation note:

    Some details need to be paid attation during the sectional door installation.

    1. The depth of the guide rail. If the depth of the guide rail is not enough and the structure and materials are not used properly, in the event of a fire, the door curtain will easily come off the guide rail, and it will not play a role in fire prevention.

    2. The problem of pre-rolling of industrial sectional door, Industrial sectional door, especially steel industrial sectional door, is relatively heavy, so a circle of pre-rolling will be reserved on the reel. In order to reduce the pulling force of the curtain weight on the screw. Prevent the first curtain panel from breaking.

    3. The strength of the transmission device of the industrial sectional door and the strength of the roller shutter shaft The strength of the roller shutter shaft is also an important parameter of the roller shutter door. At present, there are many products with unqualified strength, which seriously affects the use of the industrial sectional door. The structure of the roller shutter shaft mainly refers to the depth and structure of the shaft heads at both ends of the roller shutter shaft plugged into the steel pipe. The shaft head plug depth should be about 1/10 of the shaft length, and there should be two flanges and enough welds.

    4. The fire-proof electric control box and the problems of smoke and temperature, and the national standard for fire temperature control and closing the door. Within 2 meters of the industrial lift door, when a fire occurs. Power interruption. When there is no one to operate the site, there should be a fire temperature fuse to control the door closing device. This function is especially important for crowded places.

    wuxi newton technology sectional door

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