wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional door

wuxi newton technology industrial overhead door

Brief introduction

The entire door panel of the industrial sectional door is made of 4/5 cm thick and composed of multiple door panels. It has airtightness, impact resistance, heat insulation performance, and overall beautiful appearance. It is one of the necessary doors for modern industrial plants and logistics channels. Sliding door panel The degree of special structure ensures the firmness and durability of the gate. Even in the harsh environment or long-term use, it can also maintain good brightness. Then let’s take a look at the difference between a sliding door and a lifting door?

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

What is the difference between a sectional industrial door and a sliding door

Industrial sectional door is more and more widely used in various industries, because they have the advantages of anti-theft, sound insulation, moisture-proof, dust-proof, wind resistance, heat preservation, strong sealing, etc., and more because the lifting doors can adapt to different building structures , can meet the different requirements of customers and has been favored by many customers. Next, let’s talk about the difference between lifting doors and sliding doors. How much do you know?

The lifting methods of industrial doors are classified into: standard lifting doors, vertical lifting doors, low lifting doors, high lifting doors, beveled lifting doors, etc.

1. Standard lifting door (turn 90° at the head of the operating door and attach it to the ceiling inwardly, which is a common industrial sliding door)

2. Vertical lifting methods such as sectional vertical lifting doors and high lifting doors are called industrial lifting doors.


    According to the architectural design structure, the industrial lifting door is hung horizontally on the inner side of the wall above the door opening to open and close vertically, and the indoor space is not occupied. It can give full play to the advantages of vertical rise and release of door opening space without occupying the door openings on both sides.

    The principle of the sliding door is to connect the multi-joint movable door pieces in series to rise horizontally, fix them in the slideway of the guide rail, use the reel above the door as the center to rotate up and down, and use the motor to drive the central axis of the roller blind to rotate. Automatic stop at limit. The motor is set to disengage the clutch device, and the manual operation can be switched.

    wuxi newton technology sectional door

    The advantages of industrial lifting doors you need to know

    There are many places where industrial lifting doors are used, and many advantages are also loved by many customers, so everyone should come to understand the advantages of industrial doors, which may allow customers to better understand the characteristics of industrial doors and help us Make better use of these features. Wind resistance: When the door reaches a certain width, the design has built-in ribs to ensure its strength. Tested by European standards, it can resist instantaneous 10-level wind speed.

    Sealing: the top, bottom and both sides of the door panel are equipped with high-quality rubber strips, and there is also reliable sealing in the middle of the door panel to ensure that the door body will not be corroded.

    Safety device: anti-drop equipment, protective airbags to avoid, when the door body falls or the bottom of the door collides with obstacles, the door will automatically stop or operate in the opposite direction to avoid casualties; anti-galvanized steel wire rope rupture equipment, torsion spring rupture insurance device. It is possible to prevent other types of doors from damaging people and things.

    wuxi newton technology industrial door

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