High speed roller shutters doors

Product overview

High speed roller shutter door is an economical fast rolling door with high-speed partition function promoted by our company. The high-speed switch cuts off the air convection inside and outside, which can prevent outsiders from intruding and resist weather changes.

Product color

Silver grey


Custom made

Technical characteristics

  • Maximum door size: 7000mm*7000mm
  • Wind resistance: The wind resistance is 3.5kPa, reaching the national standard level 6; that is, the wind resistance level is level 10
  • Control system: Industrial door special system, high precision encoder to set the opening height of the door, convenient, safe, fast, and fault indication with its own fault detection program. Comply with national electrical safety standards. Special technology is more effective to protect the motor and brake pads. Different speeds can be digitally adjusted according to actual needs. The fast-stop bolts often change to reduce the damage of various parts.
  • Door panel: Adopt new-style bridge breaking technology, the panel width is 220mm, the effective width is 217mm, the whole panel thickness is 43mm, the middle polyurethane foam filling, the base plate thickness is 0.8mm, the material is 5 series 5052H32 tensile strength 238N/m2 aluminium gold manganese alloy cold bending molding, the surface adopts fluorocarbon roll coating paint surface 250 um, and the warranty is 20 years without fading.
  • Lifting guide rail: Adopt aluminium alloy double spiral turbo guide rail, the door body runs quietly and smoothly. Strong bearing capacity, there is no contact, no friction and no wear betweem the door panel and the connecting parts when running fast and roll up.
  • Drive shaft: It adopts a retractable spline drive shaft, which is maintenance-free for life.
  • Guiding structure: 1. The surface of the chain shaft is QP treated; 2. Shaft sleeve:Made of PEEK (Polyether ether copper) material.
  • Lifting technology: Press the button on the control box nexts to the door to lift the curtain; install a geomagnetic automatic induction system. Can choose to install remote control sensor, blue-tooth sensor control mode. In the event of a power failure, the electronic control system can open the motor brake at any time, and the door can be lifted with the help of the balance system, which can effectively solve the failure of the door due to power failure. 

    Security system

    • Equipped with infrared safety protection electric eyes: there are anti-radio eyes on both sides of the door frame. When there is an obstacle under the fast door, the door body will remain open; when the door body is lowered, an object passes through, the door body will immediately return back to the opening position, and do down until there is no obstacle under the door. 
    • Bottom safety protection edge: When the door is descending, because the object is in the blind area of the infrared safety protection, when the door is pressed against the obstacle, the door quickly rebounds to the opening position, effectively protecting the objects or pedestrians to avoid any accident.

    Spiral structure

    • Round spiral: The circular spiral guide is standard design specifications, sufficient sapce above the door is the best solution
    • Oval spiral: Oval type is the space saving design, which is used in restricted structual conditions
    • Low-header spiral: Lower header type is widely used in underground car parking lots
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