Sectional garage doors

Product overview

Our team is higely experienced in sandwich panel production. With the global leading design software and the perfect design flow production ro proceed the garage door production development.  With the advanced testing devices and the quality standard of “6S”, we emphasize the management of the manufacturing process to ensure the products’ quality. Our team is able to offer full process solutions which contents design consultant, factory planning, installation guidance,  product maintenance and the trainning to help the customers save the time, capital and the operation cost.

PU sandwich garage door panel

  • The density of the garage door panel is 40kg/m3, which could offer high thermal efficiency and sound insulation to your garage door.
  • The thickness is 40mm, which make the garage door panel has excellent mechanical properties, the sizie is stable, even under low temperature, the panel strength will not change; the panel long-term heat resistance temperatures are between -60°C~+100°C.
  • There are internal reinforce steel plate (1.0mm thickness, and 16mm width) pre-laid along the panel at the joints, so the hinges could be fasten strongly on the panel to ensure the long-term service life. And also because of that, the panel could be cut at any size to assembly doors with different sizes.
  • There is one rubber seal at panel joints which will stop the heat transferring to avoid the “cold-bridge” and keep the energy be inside the garage.
  • The external skins of the garage door panel are PPGL steel which will not rust, and the stability of their painting colors meeting 25~30 years using life.
  • There are several kinds of surface texture: Wood grain, Micro-wave, Flat-mirror and Orange skin.
garage door surface

PU sandwich garage door panel profile

StructureFinger safeNon finger safe
Section's height450mm, 500mm, 550mm500mm, 550mm
Section's thickness40mm43mm, 50mm, 75mm
Material - external/inner layerPPGL steel made of hot-dipped galvanized steel
Material - InsulationPolyurethane foam
Surfance treatments - external layerWood grain, Micro-wave, Flat-smooth
Surface treatnments - inner layerOrange skin
Patterns - external layerStrip; H-line; Classic; Micro-wave; Flat-smooth
Patterns - inner layerStrip; Micro-wave
Size of the classic pattern500 x 330mm; 1065 x 500mm
PU sandwich door panel
sectional garage door

Garage door panel type options

We are able to provide different types of the garage door panel for your application, such as one-line, three-line, classic, flat, smmoth, micro-wave.

garage door panel shape

Garage door visible window options

Decorating your garage doors with lighting windows can bring fashion designs and perfect lighting into your garages. Various windows design for your choice. Hoping each design can bring you perfect feelings each day.

Garage door panel color selection

White color (Ral9016), cream(Ral1015), brown(Ral8017), silver grey(Ral9006), golden oak, black walnut and the stainless steel colors. We also offer the special Ral code colors based on the quantity.

garage door panel color
Full vision door

    Garage door structure

    The durability, stability and safety of the garage door are the most important things which we concern about, in order to meet hat, we supply high quality hardware to meet the latest EN13241-1 standards of Europe. Tracks, hinges and rackets are made of hot-dipped galvanized steel, which can be used for a longtime without rusting. All accessories are designed and manufactured according to the international standards to ensure the safety and stability. The whole work in company carried out according to the high level manufacturing processes and lean management to guarantee the product meet requirements of design, the accuracy of ths size and the great appearance.

    • Quiet door travel: Hinged roller holders made of aluminium with plastic rollers on ball bearings ensure precise, quiet door travel.
    • Durable installation: There are internal steel reinforce steel plate (1.0mm thickness, and 16mm width) pre-laid along the panel at the joints, so the screws could be held strongly by it to resistant to be tore out.
    • Delicate torsion spring balance system: The specification of the spring is calculated according to the weight of the door, which will offer an excellent balance, the door even could be operated manually.
    • Rear spring system: Widely use, the rear spring system could be installed in most of the garage, as it only need a lower lintel (height of the lintel is higher than the height of the door plus 150mm). The new L hanger bracket could be installed at anywhere to fix the H track, no limitation, strong and convenience.
    • Fast installation: The spring system and the track system could be pre-installed / riveted in factory. 30%-50% installation time will be saved.
    • Full opening position: With the special track, the door could be lift to full opening position even the SUV could be parked in/out freely.
    • New bottom bracket: New bottom bracket which oculd keep the bottom roller in its position, never drop off. More convenience which it could bring us is the tightness of the cables could be adjusted easily by the bracket. Besides the above mentioned, once the cable wa loose the customer could adjust it by the bracket easily, it will save the cost of the after-sales services a lot.
    • Bottom cover of the track: The bottom cover of the track will protect the cut edge of the track which will not rust.
    • Finger safe: The unique form to protect the finger on the both inside and outside sides of the door panel.
    • Spring break safety device: Spring safety device is installed with spring, in the event of a spring breaks, it will arrest the door immediately, thereby preventing the door panel drops down, in order to protect the pedestrian and other objects.
    • Multi-function lock: With multiple functions of door handle, emergency lock and manual lock, the structure is novel and unique, and the operation is simple and convenient. Pry door lock core, key copper-based computer engraving, mutual opening rate <2%.
    • Secure guidance of the door in safety track: Adjustable and sturdy roller holders and safety tracks ensure there is no damage when the door is out of track, even the door panel is on the horizontal or turning position.
    • Safety auxiliary track: The vertical tracks are completely closed from the bottom to the top, there is no gap betwwen the door panel and the wall which can generates the risk of finger trap.

    Garage door opener

    • Our garage door opener are using the latest technology in its control system and driving system, safe, quiet and durable.
    • Security program:
    • Rolling code: Opener adopts rolling code which could issues more than 1,000,000,000 safe cods will be which chose at random, no copy code.
    • Self-lock: Door will automatically lock itself after closing, and equips with mechanical locking system which will be still functional when power is off.
    • Reverse back function: If door meets objects or perestrian, the door will stop closing and reverse back to the full opening position ( the sense grades can be adjusted according to the differenet situation)
    • Photo beam seasor: Photo beam sensor could be installed to the door at 10~20cm above ground to offer more safety.
    • Our opener has motor with the overheat protection and over running time protection, the motor could keep working more stable and reliable for a long time. 
    • Easy to-go functions:
    • Low power and energy-saving LED lights will automatically open when door are opening or closing, and the lights will automatcially turn off 3 minutes later.
    • Intelligent programming system, by two times pressing of the button, the limited journey could be set automatically.
    • Free off carry: Our unique design transmitters, which could be installed on the vehicle shield panel to open or close the garage door from  inside of the vehicle.
    • With different operations and configurations, the door can be opened for closed, in case of  the power failures.
    • Various optional accessories to fulfill your personalized requests.
    1. Intelligent technology, record the trip automatically, soft start & stop, running smoothly, long-term use
    2. Advanced features, it can automatically detect the resistance change during operation, and adjust accordingly, free of manual adjustment, more reliable and security
    3. Multiple power options to meet the needs of different occasions
    4. One section and sectional tracks for choice, reduce logistics and warehousing, cost saving

      Voltage range/rated frequency220~240V AC, 50/60Hz
      Rated power200W235W245W260W
      Maximum lifting force600N800N1000N1200N
      Door opening speed180mm/s
      Lamp typeLED
      Lighting time3 minutes
      Coding typeRolling code
      Radio frequency433.92 MHz or other requirements
      Ambient temperature-20~+40°C
      Relative humidity<90%
      Applicable door area10 m212 m214 m216 m2

      Garage door various installation