Self-repairing high speed doors

Product overview

Self-repairing high speed door is specially designed for indoor applications. Relying on an unique design, it can provide the best air-tightness. It only needs very little space to protect your environment from ventilation, humidity, dust and mosquitoes. At the same time, the door has high-speed operation, good heat preservation and air-tightness, which can well improve the traffic flow of the operation, make the working environment of employees more comfortable, and can greatly save energy consumption.

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Product advantages

  • End buffer technology: Based on the constant torque characteristics of the motor system, the door body runs extremely smooth and solves the noise problem of the door body during operation. At the same time, the end buffer technology protects the reducer and brake pads more effectively. In fact, it is necessary to digitally adjust different speeds, fast-slow-stop dynamic changes throughout the process, reduce the impact of various parts in the motion stop, espeially the protection of the deceleration mechanism is the most prominent.
  • Reversal noise reduction technology: Whenever it encouters resistance and bounces during the descent process, the program in the driver will quickly stop and rise through the state of the current loop, position loop and speed loop. In the case of control without shake and noise, the inertial impact will not more than 3mm distance.
  • Anti-collision self-repairing technology structure: In the  event of an accidient impact, the door curtain can be derailed and automatically reset during the ascent. The whole process does not require manual repair and control unit reset.
  • Safety technology: It only takes 10 milliseconds for the motor system to start and stop between 0-2000 revolutions, which is the most sensitive of all door opener systems at present.
  • Infrared safety protection electrict eye: There are infrared counter sensor on both sides of the door frame, and there is an object under the fast foor to keep the dooe open; when the door body is lowered, there is an object passes through, the door body will back to the opening position, and go down until there is no obstacle unders the door.
  • Wireless airbag bottom protection edge: When the door body is descending, because the object is in the blind area of infrared safety protection, when the door body pressed against the obstacle, the door body quickly rebounds to the opening position, effectively protecting the object or pedestrian avoid the accidents.

    Product parameters

    • Control system: Dedicated system, the core is DSP chip
    • Motor: Professional motor system, strong overload capacity, 2000-line high-resolution encoder
    • Opening/Closing speed: 0.8-1.5S
    • Control box: Man-machine dialogue text controller, frequency conversion control system
    • Limit switch: Multi-turn absolute encoder
    • Power supply: 220V, 13A, single phase 50Hz/380V
    • Curtain material: High-strength PVC coated cloth with mesh-like high-strength fiber added under stong pressure, thickness 1.2mm, high wear resistance coefficient
    • Sealing performance: The curtain does not need wind-resistant ribs, and the slide rail is clamped on both sides of the zipper type toothed belt to realize the tension of the curtain
    • Wind resistance rating: Level 6
    • Standard size: Maximum 4000 x 4500mm