Industrial sliding doors

Product overview

Industrial sliding door is a popular factory door due to its stylish appearance, good sealing and strong wind resistance. Most of the market adopts the upper bearing and lower guiding method. The door panel material is color steel, the foam (internal formed polyurethane) board and the EPS board (commonly known as the foam sandwich panel) are supported by the fasteners on the upper load, the rails are placed in the fasteners, and the hanging wheel and the door panel are fixed in the track, if double opening is used, a limitation device should be installed in the track to fix the door stroke. The motor should also adjust the stroke and resist the rebound or stop the force.

Product application

  • Sliding doors for factories and industrial units
  • Warehouse sliding doors
  • Sliding doors for aircraft hangars
  •  Agricultural sliding doors – barns, farm and stable partitions
  • Commercial sliding doors – restaurant, shops, garages, schooles, offices etc
  • Sliding oven doors
  • Sliding shed doors

Product advantages

  • There are no internal tracks to cause obstructions
  • There are no spring tension systems requiring maintenance
  • Tensioning and servicing and the life span for sliding door systes are greater than other doors
  • The service levels for sliding doors is absolutely minimal as there are so few moving parts and with little stress placed on them
  • The door leaf obviously slides neatly along and against a wall either internally or externally leaving maximum space clear
  • Near silent operation
  • Simple operation
  • Track profile designed to reduce build up of cost, dirt
  • The operating system can be equipped with button control, remote control, autoamtic operation and infrared safety protection system

    Product components

    • Top track – guide rail for sliding mechanism
    • Support brackets – for fixing track to wall or soffit etc
    • Hangers (also known as trolleys, runners or wheels) – slide inside top track
    • Door brackets – fix to top of door panel and fasten hanger
    • Track end stops – stop hangers leaving top track
    • Floor guide track – stop swinging motion of door panels
    • Floor guide – fix to bottom of door and is located inside guide track