Full vision sectional doors

Product overview

Anti-pinch full vision aluminium sectional door is composed of segmented aluminiumn alloy door panel, which run on the track system suitable for door opening, to realize the balance through the balance system. The door body is fully transparent aluminium alloy door panel, and its design goal is for thoese customers who need large dimension, high precision requirements, beautiful appearance and high visibility requirements. It is widely used in high-end auto 4S shops and all types of business premises, and the lifting method can be customized according to the autual sitation of the building. 

Product series

  • 335 Version: The door width can reach 4500mm or below
  • 336 Version: The door width can reach 5500mm; The width of reinforcing is 80mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm
  • 336A Version: The door width can reach 6000mm or below; The width of reinforcing is 100mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm
  •  337 Version: The door width can reach 8000mm or below; The width of reinforcing is 100mm, and the thickness is 2.5mm

Door panel profile

335 series

336 series

336A series

337 Series

Double layer hollow polycarbonate glass

  • All three models can be made up of double hollow insulated glass, with high insulation, fit for cold area and other places need insulation at low temperature.
  • The hinges adopt thickening aluminium alloy or even with a steel pipe. This design greatly increases the durability, reliability and safety.
  • EPDM sealing adopted.
  • The transparent part is made up of polycarbonate glass, and the standard thickness is 3mm and 5mm, customers can also choose to high-end imported glass scratch resistant polycarbonate.  
  • Accessories parts: Anti-pinch hinge is standard provided; (Aluminium alloy hinge and stainless steel hinge ensure the strength, strong resistance to oxidation and excellent installation results.)

    Product color


    Ash white


    Product advantages

    • The innovation anti-pinch design: Circular arc form connect hinge adopts aluminium alloy, increasing the strength of the door.
    • Large dimension, windproof, strict shape and position tolerances requirements, beautiful and elegant
    • Our full vision sectional door quality is much better than any domestic and imported similar doors.
    • Good sealing conditions can effectively resist wind and rain erosion.
    • Products consist of balancing system, driving device, aluminium alloy door panel, track, side support rail, door accessories etc.
    • Products materials are 6063 T5 high quality aluminium alloy.

    Product parameters

    • Maximunm door panel size: The width can reach to 8 meters or below
    • Constrcution: Upper bridge / Under bridge / Bottom bridge
    • Grass materail: PC / Tempered laminated glass
    • Color: White or grey; special colors are customized
    • Lifting style: Vertical lifting / Half-vertical lifting / Standard lifting / Declining lifting / High lifting 

    Lifting method