Product centers

Since we establish the company, we dedicate ourselves to design, improve and produce all kinds of the automatic doors.

  •  Automatic folding doors
  • Automatic industrial sectional doors
  • Automatic silding doors
  • Automatic full vision sectional doors
  • Rapid PVC high speed roller shutters
  • Stakcing high speed doors
  • Metal high speed roller shutter doors
  • Self-repairing high speed doors
  • Sectional garage doors
  • Dock leveler seals and shelters
  • Sectional door openers and hardware kits


    Automatic folding doors

    Automatic folding doors can be used for commerce, industrial, resident, fireproofing etc. it’s widely used in fire station, subway enterance, high-speed rail entrance, large-scale factory building, helicopter etc.

    Industrial sliding doors

    Automatic sliding doors can be either be a single door sliding in one direction or bi-parting doors where each door leaf slides in the opposite direction.

    Industrial sectional doors

    Our high quality sectional industrial doors has 40mm, 50mm, 75mm thick insulated ribbed panels, equipped with new pinch protection, strong and have a degree of thermal and sound insulation. The metal structure of the galvanaized sandwich effectively protects the panels from natural influences.

    Sectional garage doors

    Our garage door panel density can reach 40kg/m3, which could offer high thermal efficiency and sound insulation, the garage door types we can make is H-line pattern garage door, stripe pattern garage door, flat pattern garage door, micro-wave pattern garage door, smooth pattern garage door, classic pattern garage door.

    Full vision sectional doors

    A clean modern look combined with flexibility, durability and quality make this door the perfect choice for your full vision needs. This door is widely used in high-end auto 4s shops, resident and all types of business premises. 

    PVC high speed roller shutters

    PVC high speed rolled shutters is designed for fast operation and insulation required industrial facilities. It has flexibility for different applications also high durability design also suitable for long-term industrial use, flexible and reliable system can be used for many years. It can be applied for many type industries also can be re-design for special conditions of the doors. 

    Stacking high speed doors

    Stacking high speed door is ideal for the divisoin of work areas with high traffic of people and vehicles and the need for quick opening and closing operations, both indoors and outdoors, given its resistance to wind. Its application can be in large openings and in any industrial sector, being important to highlight the improvement in the energy efficiency of the installation due to its actuation speed. 

    Self-repairing high speed doors

    Self-repairing high speed doors provides a solution for the division of work areas, both indoors and outdoors, with high traffic of people and vehicles requiring rapdi opening and closing operation, due to its self-repairing function, if it receives a blow, the canvas comes out of the guides without suffering any damage, and immediately afterwards, it flies to its original position to continue working as normal.

    High speed roller shutters doors

    The high speed roller shutters doors are suitable for any type of industry, ensyring the best performance in terms of safety, simplicity, quiet operation, quick opening, insulation and durability. A solution of absolute qualitative excellence, both in terms of the materials used and in terms of the technological solutions adopted, ideal for iternal and external applications.

    Dock leveler seals and shelters

    Dock leveler seal and shelter are the most effective way to prevent energy loss at your loading dock. This superior perimeter dock leveler seal also blocks dirt, devris and pests, with the long-term durability, it is the best choice when you need improve cleanliness and energy efficiency.

    Sectional door opener

    The motor has large output torque, low noise and stable operation features; equipped with the control box; External remote control, infrared ray, airbag can be connected.