Industrial sectional doors

Product overview

Industrial sectional doors can be suitable for every kind of doors outside of the buildings, and they are suitable for the isolation of factories and areas with high cleanliness requirements, such as medicine, food, electronics, printing, supermarkets etc. With beautiful appearance, high strength, safety and reliability, and stable opening, low noise, good sealing and heat preservation performance, saving working space and improving production efficiency etc, they are widly used due to lower installation conditions and higher practicability.

Product color


Ash white


Product advantages

  • Industrial sectional doors can provide a variety of lifting methods according to the actual civil structure on site: such as straight type, standard lifting type, high lintel lifting type, low lintel lifting type, etc, so that your building space can be customized.
  • The industrial sectional doors have an unique roller shafe design, which distrobutes the force of each hinge to the wheels on both sides, so that the door can run gently and extend the overall service life.
  • The door panel is made of sturdy material with double sided hot-dip galvanized steel, embossed on the surface and embossed stripe design, and the inner layer is a high-density polyurethane form insulation layer. The door panel has the function of preventing fingers from being pinched.
  • The joints of the door panels are equipped with sealing rubber to ensure a good sealing effect. The front and back panels of the door panels are made of coated steel plates, which have high corrosion resistance and weather resistance.

Standard configuration

  • Opener: 450-2200W, deceleration method is gear reducer
  • Voltage: 220V, 380V,  50Hz, equipped with the latest generation of reduction gear paris (high efficiency, low noise) 
  • Lifting speed: 0.2m/s
  • Door panel: Double layer hot-dip galvanized embossed anti-corrosive sprayed steel plate, door body polyurethane density is 45, door panel thickness is 40mm, door panel height is 510mm
  •  Track and hardware: Support the door body and guide the door boty to run, adopot high-quality anti-corrision metal guide rail, auxiliary rail and guide rail bracket, thickness 2mm. The uniqye design of the hardware is supplemented by other accessories to ensure that the door runs smoothly with low noise, excellent balance and high-strength safety performance
  • Wind resistance: ≥450N/m2
  • Balance system: Use the power of the trosion spring to balance the weight of the door
  • Torsion spring system: Including door shaft, torsion spring sleeve, torsion spring (lifespan is 50,000 times at least), sheave, coupling etc. The material is high quality torsion spring, with a lifespan of more than 30,000 times, and special processing technology
  • Torsion spring anti-breaking system: After the door has been used for a certain number of years, the guide spring is easily broken when fatigued. The torsion spring anti-breaking system will lock the transmission shaft once the torsion spring breaks, thereby effectively avoiding greater safety accidents
  • Wire rope anti-breaking device: The steel wire rope anti-falling device is installed at the bottom of the door panel, no matter when the door body moves up or down, the wire rope suddenly brakes, self-locking ensures that the door body will not suddenly slide down and prevent accidents
  • Safety pressure switch: When the door body is pressed against an object during the descending process, the door body will instantly rebound and rise automatically
  • Sealing: There is a sealing strip at the bottom, and the materail is made of EPDM material, which has the characteristics of anti-low temperature and anti-fracture, inliad installation, and good sealing effect, The surroundings are sealed to ensure the performance of rainproof, dust-proof, sound instaltion and heat insulation.

    Visible windows & Pedestrian door

    Industrial visible dooes can be used with the special structure windows. The window is fixed on the door panel directly, this installation makes the window edge is not easy to forst, good sealing performance and less heat loss, the window size is optional. And the pedestrian door can be added as well.

    Industrial door

    Product breakdown diagram

    1. Vertical track; 2. Wall  track; 3. H track; 4. Connected track; 5. Side sealing; 6. Axes; 7. Axes connector; 8. Supporter; 9. Cable wheel; 10. Spring; 11. Cable break proof device; 12. Spring fasten; 13. Spring fasten; 14. Opener; 15. Control panel; 16. Buffer; 17. Track wheel; 18. Track wheel supporter; 19. Top panel; 20. Window (option); 21. Middle panel; 22. Hinge; 23. Bottom panel; 24. Handle; 25. Bottom beam; 26. Bottom sealing; 27. Bottom wheel; 28. Steel cable; 29. Spring break proof device; 30. End envelop at bottom; 31. Ventilator (option); 32. End envelop at middle; 33. End envelop on top; 34. Top sealing; 35. Top beam; 36.  Reomte (option)
    Industrial door breakdown diagram

    Lifting method