PVC high speed roller shutters

Product overview

The PVC high speed roller shutters has a high speed partition function. The cold splicing process makes the curtain more smooth and beautiful. The segmented splicing reduces the maintenance cost, reliability, practicality, easy opeartion and low maintenanace costs. This door is the most economical selection for the facility entrance, to prevent the entrance, widely used for the electrical, mechanical, food, pharmacy, chemical, textile, printing, supermarket and the logistics & warehiousing.

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newton high speed door

Product advantages

  • Steel or stainless steel steel frame, beautiful and stable.
  • High quality PVC materia, composed of high-strength polyethylene coated polyester mesh belt and streamlined glass fiber reinforcement, equipped with aluminium alloy ribs, it can be opened with row windows or open windows.
  • Motor: Temperature -sensitive circuit breaker motor protection, motor protection level ≥IP54, equipped with man-machine dialogue interface, absolute value limit technology for the whole range, position closed-loop freqeuency modulation technology, professional drive circuit board hardware control box. Equipped with a standard one-button button with emergency stop switch, and optional: radar induction / geomagnetic ring induction / pull rope swtich / remote start and so on.
  • Electronic control system reserved: Infrared safety protection swtich, geomagnetic induction switch, radar induction swtich, rope switch, remote control switch, double door interlock, remote control and other signal interfaces commonly used in engineering transformation, and adopt swtich signal connection incoming, strong compatibility.
  • Infrared security: Infrared photoelectric is installed on both sides of the door frame, and there is an object under the fast door to keep the door open; When the door body is lowered, in case the object pass through, the door body will rebound to the opening position, and drop down until there is no obstacle under the door.

    Product parameters

    • Opening/Closing spped: 0.8m-1.5m/sec
    • Control box: Digital tube, frequency conversion control system
    • Limit switch: Multi-turn absolute encoder
    • Power supply: 220V
    • Safety standard: According to EN ISO 12100
    • Test life circle: The tested service cycle reaches 800,000 times per year, 500 times per day
    • Wind resistance rating: Maximum level 6
    • Standard size: Maximum 5500 x 6500mm
    newton high speed doors

    Product quick assemblies

    Door frame

    Door curtain


    Door cover

    Infrared detection