wuxi newton technology high speed door

High speed metal doors

High speed metal doors

wuxi newton technology high speed metal door

High speed metal doors, also known as the aluminum alloy fast door, is a new type of anti-theft, high-temperature blocking metal fast door, which is reliable, practical, and easy to operate. Hard fast doors are widely used in underground garages, automobile factories, food, chemical, textile, electronics, supermarkets, refrigeration, logistics, warehousing and other places, which can meet high performance logistics and clean places. So what are the characteristics of hard fast doors?

Practical and durable

The operation efficiency of the hard fast door equipment is very high, and there is no jamming phenomenon in the whole process. In addition, the probability of failure of the equipment in long-term use is very small, and it is more durable, thereby improving the utilization rate of the door.

wuxi newton technology hard metal high speed door

Anti-collision and reliable

The door device has a unique anti-collision design, which can ensure that the door device will not directly collide with other objects during operation, avoiding damage to the door device or other objects, making it more worry-free to use.

High speed and stability

As the name suggests, the door equipment has a very fast running speed. The fast door manufacturer adopts frequency conversion motor technology, and the speed during operation can also be adjusted. It runs high-speed and stable, and is trustworthy!

wuxi newton technology high speed metal doors

Energy saving and environmental protection

The advanced AC variable frequency motor drive technology adopted can not only ensure the safe operation of the door equipment, but also realize the function of energy saving and environmental protection, and can reduce the loss of equipment operation as much as possible.

Strong and durable

The structure of the door body is optimized to ensure that the service life of the equipment is extended, and the equipment is durable and free from interference from other factors during a long period of use.

    Wind-resistant seal

    It has very good wind resistance and can provide users with a very good sealing environment. At the same time, it also has very good sound insulation, insect resistance, dust resistance and other functions.

    Easy to maintain

    The product has a simple structural design and fewer internal movable parts. This design can improve the stability of the equipment, reduce the cycle of parts replacement and maintenance, and facilitate later maintenance and maintenance!

    wuxi newton technology rigod high speed door

    High speed metal doors are suitable for fast access to indoor and outdoor logistics and production. The adoption of this type of door can save the enterprise a lot of energy loss due to air circulation, which is about 80% energy saving compared with ordinary industrial sliding doors and rolling doors. The fast opening and closing of this door type greatly improves the transfer speed of the enterprise in production and logistics. The door is the only channel for the enterprise’s logistics and production. Its use and selection are directly related to the efficiency of the enterprise’s production and logistics.

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