Wuxi Newton Technology high speed metal doors

High speed metal doors

High speed metal doors

Wuxi Newton Technology hard metal rapid door

The high speed metal doors are a new type of industrial door that integrates heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, wind resistance, anti-theft, and environmental protection. Fast track for logistics and production needs. This type of door can save energy for enterprises, and the saving rate can reach more than 180 compared with industrial lifting doors and ordinary rolling doors.

wuxi newton technology high performance rapid roller shutter

The frame and door curtain of the high speed metal doors can be customized according to the user’s preferences. Generally, there are steel or aluminum door curtains. If the company has high requirements, it can choose a stainless steel hard fast rolling door, which has good heat preservation Effect, not only the door body is light in weight, stable in operation, strong in impact resistance, etc., the wind resistance level can reach ≤12.

Wuxi newton technology high speed door

1. The thickness of the stainless steel door curtain is 1.5mm, and the thickness of the door panel is up to 40mm. The surface is not easy to fade after special treatment.

2. The aluminum alloy door curtain of the door body is connected by soft rubber strips, and the folding times exceed millions of times.

3. When the door is running, the guide wheel slides in the aluminum alloy track, and lubricating oil is added between the polyurethane and the guide rail. When running at a high speed, it is a zero-noise product.

    4. The twin-turbo structure is adopted, and the safety Q index is higher. The frequency conversion system can ensure the reliable and safe operation of the door body.

    5. Standard configuration: emergency power-off device, infrared safety Q system, remote operation remote control, trigger at the bottom of the door, dedicated frequency conversion control system.

    wuxi newton technology high speed door


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