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High speed door maintenance

High speed roll up doors maintenance

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What's high speed roll up doors

The high speed roll up doors refer to a door that runs at a speed of more than 0.6 meters per second. It is a barrier-free isolation door that can be raised and lowered quickly. Its main functions are heat preservation, moisture retention, dust prevention, insect prevention, and sound insulation, so as to maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity and clean working environment in the workshop. . Suitable for food, medicine, electronics, rubber, chemical, automobile, textile, logistics and other fields. High speed roll up doors are controlled by PLC, inverter, and encoder (PVC material) to quickly lift the door curtains. It has the characteristics of fast, safe and reliable. In addition to being used in general workshops, it can also be used in medicine, food, electronics, clean workshops (class 1000 to 100,000), purification workshops, cigarettes, printing, textiles, supermarkets and other light industrial workshops. Regional isolation and any other places that require quick access, with the development of high speed roll up doors, more and more brands have entered the Chinese market, and more and more people have paid attention to them. It is designed and accurately positioned an industrial door, mostly used in places with high environmental requirements such as food, electronics, printing, etc., the main function is to quickly isolate the air to ensure the dust-free level of air quality in the workshop. It has the characteristics of fast, safe and reliable.

wuxi newton technology high speed roll up door

High speed roll up doors maintenance:

Check the cause of the brake slip of the high speed roll up doors

1. The brake pads of the fast rolling shutter door are oily. Clean with gasoline.

2. The compression spring force is reduced. Replace spring.

3. The electromagnet is not installed correctly. re-install.


Investigation of the reasons why the hand zipper of the high speed roll up doors cannot be pulled

1. The endless chain blocks the cross groove. Straighten the chain.

2. The electromagnet fasteners are loose. Re-tighten.

3. Investigation of the reasons for the failure of the dead weight of the fast rolling door

    The manual pull rod of the high speed roll up doors are deformed. Replace the manual lever.

    2. The gap between the manual pull rod and the washer is large. Reduce the gap.

    3. The gearbox motor lubrication failure. Change the grease.


    Check the reasons why the motor of the high speed roll up doors do not start.

    Regarding the problem that the motor of the high speed roll up doors do not move, the following judgments can be made:

    1. The circuit is disconnected, check the wires.

    2. If the running capacitor is damaged, replace the running capacitor.

    3. Overheating protection fails. Replace the thermal protector.

    4. The brake sticks. Manual chain pull for a few turns.

    5. The normally closed contact of the limit switch is blocked. Polish the contact or replace the limit switch.

    6. The relay coil is damaged or oxidized, stained, replace the relay or polish the contacts.

    7. If the continuous running time is too long, the thermal protection is disconnected. The motor temperature can drop.

    8. The bridge rectifier is broken or the electromagnetic coil is broken, the brake is stuck, replace the bridge rectifier or the electromagnetic coil.

    wuxi newton technology high speed door

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