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How to select the automatic doors for your factory?

How to select the automatic doors for your factory

The automatic doors are the entrance and exit of the building. It is installed at the entrance and exit and is the switch device for people to enter and exit the room.

At the same time, for a building, it needs to have functions such as lighting, ventilation, anti-theft, fire prevention, and natural erosion resistance. The facade form and detail treatment of doors are also an indispensable and important factor in architectural decoration.

The form and requirements of the door should be designed for transportation and safe evacuation. The number, size, location and way of opening the doors are also a factor in the architectural design.

When the construction plant is about to be completed, many enterprises will encounter such a problem. Usually, they do not know what type of automatic doors to choose. In fact, they still need to meet their own needs.

Industrial sectional automatic door

wuxi newton technology industrial door

The industrial sectional automatic door is the most widely used and basic door facility in the modern industry. It is a necessary passage for personnel, large equipment, and goods in and out. It can basically meet different building door openings. Our industrial sectional automatic door runs along the tracks on both sides of the wall when it is opened, does not occupy the space on both sides of the door opening, and is not subject to space constraints, and there are three ways: vertical lifting, standard lifting, and high-level lifting. Lower installation conditions and higher practicality are widely used.

Door panel: Double-sided galvanized sheet with a thickness of 40-50mm,

There are two kinds of opening methods: manual sliding door and electric sliding door.

According to the control method, it can be divided into: remote control, button, radar induction, geomagnetic induction, infrared induction, etc.

Applicable to: isolation of factories and areas with high cleanliness requirements, such as medicine, food, electronics, printing, supermarkets, etc.

PVC high speed automatic door

wuxi newton technology pvc rapid door

PVC high speed automatic door is generally suitable for environments that require frequent and high-speed logistics passages, indoor and outdoor logistics, fast passages in workshops, buffer workshops, etc., which require relatively high workshop cleanliness.

PVC high speed automatic door has the functions of heat preservation, cold preservation, insect proof, wind proof, dust proof, sound insulation, anti peculiar smell and so on.

The PVC high speed automatic door has high-speed opening and closing, and can use different colors. It can also directly and effectively block the air circulation inside and outside the workshop door, block dust, and cause indoor cross-contamination.

Door curtain: It is made of PVC flame retardant fabric, which belongs to high-strength polyester fiber. The surface is sprayed with epoxy resin to make soft curtain door body

Operating parameters: door opening speed 0..6-1.2m/s. Service life ≥ 50,0000 times.

Control method: radar induction control, geomagnetic ring control, rope control, interactive chain, etc.

Applicable to: automobile manufacturing, medicine, food, chemistry, textile, electronics, supermarkets, shops, workshops, printing, clean workshops, etc.

Hard metal high speed automatic door

wuxi newton technology high speed roller shutter

If it is an external warehouse, a logistics door of a workshop, a warehouse out door, etc., it is recommended to use hard metal high speed automatic door, which requires frequent high-speed traffic, which can effectively improve efficiency. The hard metal high speed automatic door is a new type of metal industrial door integrating heat preservation, energy saving, sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance and environmental protection.

Door panel: One-time molding of double-layer stretched aluminum panel, door panel thickness 43mm, filled with polyurethane foam,

Structure: broken bridge heat insulation structure, wind resistance level 12, the surface is oxidized, using sound-absorbing load-bearing hinges,

Motor: Professional Servo Motor,

Protection system: infrared safety eye protection, bottom airbag, power failure emergency opening device

Each automatic door has its own uniqueness and advantages. Which automatic door to use is mainly considered from the architectural scene and the company’s own needs. We take people’s safety as the first starting point, and continuously improve the automatic doors products, not only need to meet the actual production needs, but also meet the needs of users more intelligently, and better serve users!

Wuxi Newton Technology has over 20 years experience in automatic door industry, we aim to provide the best solution for our customers. For more details, please refer to our products center and be free contact us.


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