wuxi newton technology high speed door

High performance high speed overhead doors

High performance high speed overhead door


Wuxi newton technology high speed door


High speed overhead door feature:

High performance high speed overhead door integrates features of environmental protection, energy saving, good sealing, high efficiency, wind resistance, durability and anti-theft etc. A new type of metal industrial door for high-speed partition. The door adopts a unique thermal insulation structure design, which has the characteristics of good thermal insulation effect, light door body, high strength and high speed. Using this door type can save about 80% of energy consumption for the enterprise every time the door is opened and closed.

The door is widely used in industrial plants in Europe and the United States. It is convenient to use, easy to operate, strong in reliability and beautiful in appearance. The product has the characteristics of high reliability, practicability, easy operation and low maintenance cost, and provides a one-year comprehensive warranty service after installation. The control system adopts the new cutting-edge DSP chip in the field of industrial control as the core to ensure that there are more than 150,000 fault-free actions per year in the application.

wuxi newton technology high performance door

High speed overhead door technology:

End buffer: Based on the constant torque characteristics of the servo motor system, the door body runs more smoothly and solves the noise problem of the door body during operation. At the same time, the end buffer technology can more effectively protect the reducer and brake pads, which can be customized according to actual needs. Digital adjustment of different speeds, fast-slow-stop full-length stop, reduce wear and tear of various parts, especially the protection of the deceleration mechanism is the most prominent.

    Lifting structure: The door aluminum alloy guides the load-bearing track, which is a patented technology of Wuxi Newton Technology Company, which ensures that the door curtain has low noise when running at high speed, and the door curtain and the track have no friction. Heavy straight lift, 90 degree standard corner lift or more orbital, turbo suction and elliptical suction as standard.

    wuxi newton technology high speed door

    Manual function: In the cases of power failure, a reserve power supply is installed inside the electric control to open the motor brake at any time, and the door can be held up with the help of the balance system.

    Balance system: The door pillars on both sides are equipped with balance springs to maintain a certain balance with the weight of the door curtain, while reducing the load of the motor and opening smoothly and freely.

    Overall Appearance: The galvanized sheet door post and motor cover are precisely formed by laser cutting, which will not get rust for a long time, beautiful, dust-proof and easy to clean.

    Infrared safety protection electric photo beam sensor: There is infrared photo cell sensor on both sides of the door frame, and when there is an object under the fast door, the door remains open: when the door body is closing, if people or an object passing below, and the door will be opened to the most open position to protect people or objects from injury or damage.

    Bottom safety protection edge: When the door body is falling, because the object is in the blind zone of infrared safety protection, when the door body is pressed against the obstacle below, the door body quickly rebounds to the most open door, effectively protecting the object below or pedestrians to avoid accidents.

    Wuxi Newton Technology has over 20 years experience in automatic door industry, we aim to provide the best solution for our customers. For more details, please refer to our products center and be free contact us.


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