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Industrial sectional doors features

Industrial sectional doors features


wuxi newton technology sectional door

Industrial sectional doors lifting method:

The functions of industrial sectional doors have the advantages of anti-theft, sound insulation, moisture-proof, dust-proof, wind resistance, heat preservation, and strong sealing. According to the lifting operation mode, it is classified into: standard lifting, vertical lifting, high vertical lifting, low headroom lifting, inclined lifting, etc., which can adapt to different building structures.

According to the actual situation of the building site, combined with the owner’s requirements for the use of space, the industrial lifting doors can realize the following lifting methods to meet the requirements of rational use of space to the greatest extent.

1. Standard lifting: suitable for door top space within: 200-300mm.

2. High vertical lifting: suitable for the top space of the door: >300mm <the height of the door opening.

3. Vertical lifting: suitable for the top space of the door: > or = the height of the door opening.

4. Inclined lifting: it is suitable for the slope shape of the door top ceiling, and the track is parallel to the ceiling.

wuxi newton technology sectional door lifting method

Industrial sectional door opening method:

Industrial lift doors come in a variety of styles and colors, and can be made according to user needs. Door-in-door can be made as required to separate the roadway from the sidewalk.

The door body can be opened with windows as needed to ensure sufficient indoor light. The opening and closing operation is fast and noiseless, and it is a brand-new modern industrial door.

The opening methods of industrial sectional doors are advanced, including manual, electric and remote control (geomagnetic ring).

1. Electric opening: It can be opened by button control, with manual emergency unlocking device, which is the most common use.

2. Manual opening: use manual hoist to open (generally used)

3. Geomagnetic ring: It is especially suitable for places where the entry and exit of hairpin trucks and forklifts need to be closed in time.

    Industrial sectional doors features:

    1. The board surface is flat, the interior is equipped with a supporting frame, the door piece has no deflection, and the overall door panel surface has no gap after assembly;

    2. A special sealing tape is installed between the guide rail, the door frame and the door piece, which has good contact and tightness;

    3. The door opening and closing is flexible, the operation is stable, and there is no noise;

    4. A safety anti-collision device can be installed at the bottom of the door to ensure the safety performance when the door is closed.

    5. It is very easy to open and close manually.​​

    6. The door frame, small door frame and door panel splicing are made of specially made high-strength aluminum alloy or metal material, which can reduce the weight of the door body and make the door body beautiful and elegant.

    7. Vinyl-based material sealing or brush sealing on the side, top and bottom of the door body) overcomes the easy wear, aging, and wear of ordinary rubber seals.

    wuxi newton technology sectional door

    Industrial sectional doors driving principle:

    A special motor is used to drive the central shaft of the industrial sectional doors and it will automatically stop when it reaches the upper and lower limits set by the motor. The industrial sectional doors are composed of a series of door panels, which rise along the track and are supplied by the torsion spring system or the counterweight system. To ensure the balance of the door body, the different rail systems and lifting methods make it adaptable to different building structures. The industrial sectional doors are composed of important mechanisms. In actual use performance parameters, different door panel colors can be selected to perfectly match the surrounding environment. The sealing between the door panels ensures its thermal insulation, avoids being flooded by water, and prevents dust. Enter, etc., and has a heat preservation function.

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