wuxi newton technology industrial door

Industrial sectional door protection device

Industrial sectional doors protection device

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional doorwuxi newton technology sectional industrial door

Industrial sectional doors overview:

Industrial sectional doors are a matching door category used in modern industrial production, warehouses and logistics. Its installation methods are diversified and suitable for different building door openings. The appearance is beautiful and generous, and the surface is embossed and corrosion-resistant. The sealing tape used around the door body not only strengthens the heat preservation and airtight performance, but also adapts to the development of modern cold chain logistics.

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional doors performance:
The industrial sectional doors are composed of multiple door panels connected by hinges. Its door panel is made of 0.4mm double-sided color steel plate, filled with a polyurethane foam material with a density of 42kg/m³. It is characterized by heat preservation, sealing, wind resistance, and stable operation. , Low noise, etc.

    Industrial sectional doors structure:

    In terms of structure, the industrial sectional doors are designed with a good balance of attraction, control system, safety device and other components. The dedicated industrial door motor can make it run smoothly, quickly and with a long service life.

    In terms of practicability, we must not only consider the basic functions of industrial doors, but also the safety and protection of industrial sectional doors.

    wuxi newton technology sectional industrial door

    Industrial sectional doors protection device:
    On the basis of stable operation, the protection system of industrial sectional door is also indispensable. Our industrial sectional door will be equipped with the basic standard when designing: infrared protection device, air bag induction protection device, wire rope break protection device and torsion spring break protection device.
    • Infrared protection device: A pair of infrared photoelectric protection devices are installed on both sides of the door body to ensure the safe passage of people and vehicles when people or vehicles pass under the door body. (Do not place objects in the safe photoelectric range for a long time)
    • Air bad induction protection device: There is a wire airbag switch at the bottom of the door, and the airbag is connected to the motor. When the door is closed, if a car or person passes by, it will touch the bottom sealing strip to squeeze the air inside. , The air pressure device in the airbag will work through the control box system, so that the motor will rotate in the opposite direction (the door body is opened), and will not cause damage to objects and people.
    • Wire rope break protection device: Blade-type anti-falling feet (wire rope anti-breakage protector) are set at the bottom ends of the door. When the lifting wire rope breaks, the door body runs faster, and the blade on the device can be under the action of the spring force. Cut into the guide rail instantly, prevent the door body from falling, effectively prevent the door body from falling, and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.
    • Torsion spring break protection device: The ratchet pawl mechanism on the anti-spring breakage device is locked on the door shaft with a key pin. If the spring breaks, the snap key of this device will catch the ratchet pawl mechanism, which can effectively prevent the door shaft from rotating. , so that the door body can not continue to fall within 10cm.

    Industrial sectional doors are not subject to space constraints and are suitable for different buildings. They can be used in conjunction with logistics loading and unloading platforms, frozen food warehouses, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, supermarkets and other supporting facilities. In the future, they will develop more professionally and technologically, and will be used by more and more industries. Welcome, recognized by more users.

    wuxi newton technology sectional door
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