wuxi newton technology sectional door

Industrial overhead door

Industrial overhead door

wuxi newton technology sectional door

Industrial overhead door introduction

The industrial overhead door is a professional industrial exterior door, which can meet the needs of thermal insulation, sealing, high-frequency switching, service life, professional control, and safety in use. .

The industrial overhead door consists of the door body, balance system, drive and control system, safety device, track and seal, and other options. Our industrial overhead oor door panel adopts double-layer sandwich hot-dip galvanized steel sheet treated with surface polyester process, the core material is polyurethane insulation and heat preservation layer, and the door panel thickness is 4 cm. Wind pressure resistant. The track is reinforced with hot-dip galvanized steel, which is strong and durable. The life of the external torsion spring balance system is more than 50,000 times. The end face of the door body is provided with a box-shaped edge sealing, and the connecting hinge is mounted on the sealing edge, so that the door body is embedded in the track. Top, bottom and side weatherstrips made of spherical vinyl are fastened to the bottom and top of the door along the width and height of the door to protect against wind, rain and infiltration. The door body balance system is composed of torsion springs, winding wheels, steel shafts, locking and fixing flanges, etc. There are steel cables wound around the wheels, and the steel cables are connected to the steel cable fracture prevention device at the bottom of the door body. Therefore, in a balanced state, it is also convenient to lift the door body without a motor.

wuxi newton technology sectional door panel wuxi newton technology sectional door

Industrial overhead door lifting method

If the installation surface is a brick-concrete structure wall, the wall surface should be flat and firm. When installing other supporting facilities (such as fire protection, pipes, cables, etc.), please fully consider the operating space of the door.

Standard lift, vertical lift, High-vertical lift, door-in-door.

wuxi newton technology sectional door lifting


    Industrial overhead door features

    Applicability: According to the design of the building structure, the industrial overhead door opens vertically upwards and hangs flat on the inner side of the wall above the door opening, without occupying any space in the room; fully utilize the advantages of vertical rise, not occupying both sides of the door opening, and release the door opening space to the greatest extent;

    Convenient operation: a variety of control methods, manual operation is fast and convenient in a balanced state;

    Appearance: Double-layer galvanized steel sheet and polyurethane layer, the surface embossing design can make the door panel durable, easy to clean, beautiful and elegant, and enhance the corporate image;

    Thermal insulation performance: double-layer steel plate reduces heat loss, and high-density polyurethane thermal insulation layer is sandwiched inside, which has excellent thermal insulation effect;

    Noise isolation: low noise opening, galvanized pulley seat is equipped with adjustable ball bearings and wear-resistant rubber wheels to ensure silent opening and closing of the door.

    Wind resistance: When the door body reaches a certain width, external reinforcing ribs are designed to ensure its strength. Tested by European standards, it can resist instantaneous 10-level wind.

    Air tightness: The top, bottom and both sides of the door panel are equipped with high-quality rubber sealing strips, and there is also a reliable seal between the door panels to ensure that the door body is not corroded.

    Safety device: anti-fall device, airbag (optional), to prevent the door from falling or the bottom of the door collides with an obstacle, the door will automatically stop or run in reverse to avoid accidents; anti-wire rope breakage device, torsion spring break safety device. Prevent the possibility of injuring people and things by any means of door

    wuxi newton technology industrial door

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