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Inflatable dock shelter for loading bay

Inflatable dock shelter for loading bay


wuxi newton technology dock shelter

Dock shelter brief introduction:

The inflatable dock shelter plays a good role in sealing the space between the vehicle and the warehouse. The dock shelter is made of wear-resistant and tough fiber material, which can not only seal the periphery of the truck or container, but also withstand strong wind. It can also withstand strong snow pressure when loading and unloading the awning. It can prevent wind, rain, dust and hinder the circulation of hot air outside the refrigerator and cold air inside. Reduce the impact of the external environment on goods and loading and unloading workers, and effectively block rainwater, dust, insects, etc.

wuxi newton technology dock shelter

Dock shelter components:

It mainly consists of left door cover assembly and curtain, upper door cover assembly and cloth curtain combination, right door cover assembly and cloth curtain, door cover fixing plate and fastener accessories, etc.


Dock shelter overview:

Inflatable dock shelter is mainly installed in places with high thermal insulation requirements and strong sealing requirements. When loading and unloading, the dock shelter the airbag or sticks to the vehicle from the surrounding to achieve a better sealing effect. The airbag material adopts Cordura 1000 cord fabric from DuPont, which is resistant to tension and abrasion. When loading and unloading, the tail of the truck enters the dock shelter, and the airbag works to ensure the sealing and thermal insulation performance between the vehicle and the building. After loading and unloading, the airbags are deflated and the vehicle drives away. The entire door sealing system is controlled by a professional control unit. It is recommended that the installation guide and metal blocking rod work together with this dock shelter for better effect.

    Dock shelter structural features:

    1. Effectively seal the gap between the hinge and the door cover when the truck door is opened; realize unobstructed loading and unloading operations

    2. The trapezoidal soft curtain design from top to bottom can effectively seal the side gap formed by the truck deviating from the center of the door cover;

    3. The double-layer glass fiber type PVC coated curtain is durable, simple to fix and easy to replace, which can effectively prevent the damage of the door cover fabric caused by the continuous impact of the truck. It is treated with fire and heat resistance to prevent fire caused by heat generated by the extrusion of the truck.

    4. The effective top follow-up design ensures that the top and top corners are damaged under the frequent dynamic load of the truck.

    5. The side frames are all designed with impact resistance, which can effectively protect the door when the truck is poured into the platform

    6. The integrated fabric-covered drain effectively prevents rainwater from splashing from the side of the door cover

    7. Finished steel frame with anti-corrosion properties

    8. The design of the guide arrow helps to center the truck

    9. The sloping canopy design prevents rainwater from sliding down the sides

    wuxi newton technology dock shelter

    Dock shelter technical parameter:

    Width: mm 3410-3800 (optional)

    Height: mm 3300-3900 (optional)

    Top airbag extension: mm 1200

    Airbag extension on both sides: mm 800

    Top visor: mm 500

    Side visor: mm 300

    Profile color Aluminum natural color

    Control method Electric

    Power supply three-phase 380V, 50 Hz

    Power 0.35-0.38kW

    control unit external

    Control module protection class IP54

    Airbag inflation average time 40 seconds

    Operating temperature -35°C to +70°C

    Air curtain bag thickness 1 mm

    Tensile capacity greater than 290N/mm²

    Airbag Material: DuPont Cordura Type 1000

    Unit weight: 3.7kg/m

    inflatable dock shelter wuxi newton technology

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