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Advantages of industrial doors

Advantages of industrial doors

wuxi newton technology sectional door

Industrial doors or rolling shutter doors are installed in modern construction sites. However, everyone is not very familiar with these two types of doors. Usually, we can see the installation of industrial doors in many industries, such as warehousing, logistics, workshop gates and other places. What’s the advantages of industrial doors compare with the roller shutter doors?

Because of its easy installation, industrial doors can adapt to different building door openings;

Through the tracks installed on both sides of the door body, it can slide up without space restrictions;

Different lifting methods can be adopted according to the size of different door openings, which are favored by users.

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Material advantages of industrial doors:

The industrial door is made up of multiple door panels. The door body is filled with double-layer hot galvanized steel sheet and filled with polyurethane foam. The surrounding area is filled with high-quality rubber, which increases the thermal insulation and sound insulation performance of the industrial door. This is unmatched by rolling shutter doors. At the same time, the industrial door can open a small door or see through a small window to increase the lighting effect. Without affecting the performance of the overall door body, whether it is opened or closed will not affect its normal use. This is also a short board of the rolling door.

Structure advantages of industrial doors:

The industrial door adopts a torsion spring balance system to balance the weight of the door body when it is running, reducing the dependence of the industrial door on the motor and prolonging the service life of the motor; while the rolling door can only rely on the motor to drive the operation, and it is more difficult to open and close.

    Installation advantages of industrial doors:

    Industrial door  slides from bottom to top along the track along the ceiling to stop hanging above, does not occupy extra space, and is not subject to space. The service life is also very long, and transparent windows or small doors can be added. The door body of the industrial door adopts the horizontal split hinge hinge connection, which is easier to repair and replace later. The rolling shutter door is connected in multiple pieces and then rolled up in the box above. Opening the small door will affect the switch.

    Function advantages of industrial doors:

    The industrial door can be connected to electrical switches such as remote control, radar, geomagnetic ring, etc.; it can be connected to protection devices such as infrared rays and airbag safety. In special cases, it can be switched to manual operation, and the opening function of the shutter door is simplified. Compared with industrial doors, it appears to be relatively disadvantaged.

    wuxi newton technology industrial doors

    Application advantages of industrial doors:

    Industrial doors are widely used in workshop gates, warehousing, logistics, large industrial plants, gymnasiums and other building access places. Rolling shutter doors use a fixed installation space, and the use place is limited.

    The advamtages of industrial doors are obvious, it can be well used in various industries and is favored by users. Of course, you also need to choose according to your own needs. The industrial door has good sealing performance, good thermal insulation performance, stable and fast operation, low noise and long service life. When opening, it rises along the tracks on both sides of the door body, stays on the ceiling, does not occupy any internal space, and is not subject to space constraints. It is easy to operate and has various opening methods, which can help users improve production efficiency and better match personnel. Forklift, vehicle entry and exit efficiency!

    wuxi newton technology sectional doors

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