wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional door maintenance

Industrial sectional door maintenance

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

Industrial sectional door maintenance is very crucial to guarantee the longer lifecycle. Industrial sectional door is a relatively common product. It is widely used in various fields. It is one of the large-scale special doors used in modern industrial plants and workshops. It can be seen that it is very popular with users. It is also a very important part of modern enterprise building facilities.

If the access is frequent, after long-term use, the  daily industrial door maintenance is not appropriate, then there will be a phenomenon of stuck opening, which will affect the daily production efficiency. Therefore, the regular industrial sectional door maintenance should not be underestimated. Correct maintenance can not only reduce the failure rate of industrial doors and ensure safety, but also prolong their service life.

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Industrial sectional door maintenance tips:

1. Keep the appearance clean
In order to maintain the integrity and gloss of the door body, it is necessary to regularly dust and clean, and at the same time, it can remove the acid and alkali chemicals that may corrode the door body.

2. Lubricate and fasten parts
Lubricate and tighten the mounting bearings and other components to eliminate jamming and improve efficiency.

3. Check the wearing parts
Check the vulnerable and rust-prone parts, which need to be repaired or replaced on a regular basis to eliminate potential safety hazards in the door body.

    4. The overall line inspection
    Check the overall line to ensure that the automatic door device can operate normally and the door body is closed without obstacles.
    wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door
    5. Check the safety device
    Regularly check the safety device to ensure that the industrial door can operate normally (it is forbidden to dismantle it without authorization), and to ensure the safety of people or things entering and leaving.

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