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Loading bay

Loading bay

Wuxi Newton Technology loading bay

Whats is loading bay? With the rapid development and great progress of the logistics industry, the logistics industry has become an important part of modern society. Every major progress in the logistics industry is inseparable from the transformation and rapid development of the above-mentioned industries. I believe that the future will be It will be more modern and intelligent.

However, the storage of goods in traditional warehouses requires a lot of manpower, and the closing of the doors needs to be controlled manually when the goods are in and out. The lack of coordination between the doors and the surrounding supporting facilities has been unable to meet the comprehensive logistics needs.

Below is the composition of loading bay:

Industrial lifting doors are a supporting category used in modern logistics supporting systems. At the same time, the installation methods are diverse and can be suitable for different building door openings. From the appearance, they are beautiful and generous, and the surface is embossed and corrosion-resistant. The use of sealing strips around the door body is not only Enhanced thermal insulation performance, but also adapt to the development of modern cold chain logistics;

Structurally speaking, industrial lifting doors are designed with a good balance of attraction, control system, safety system and other components. The dedicated servo motor can make it run smoothly, fast and have a long service life.

Industrial doors are also suitable for large warehouses, electronics, medicine, food, chemicals, textiles, factories and mines, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, supermarkets, refrigeration and other places.

wuxi newton technology industrial sectional door

In addition to the logistics gate, the frequently used facilities in the logistics industry also include the transportation system. Of course, the loading and unloading platform is also very important.

It can fit well in the logistics workshop and cooperate with the unloading of goods.

The loading and unloading platform adopts an advanced hydraulic system, high-quality steel as the skeleton, welding technology and mechanical processing, combined to form a high-strength work platform.


    Electrohydraulic system

    Unique loading and unloading platform design

    Cut corner protection on both sides

    The tongue plate can be closely connected with the carriage to ensure a balanced loading and unloading operation

    Install emergency stop function

    The loading and unloading platform is to connect the loading and unloading platform and the freight vehicles, so that the bottom of the carriage is connected with the platform ground to ensure fast and unimpeded passage between the forklifts during unloading, and improve efficiency.

    wuxi newton technology dock leveler

    Industrial door seals are used for sealing between loading and unloading exits and transport vehicles, and play the role of windproof, rainproof, dustproof, etc. It can still be loaded and unloaded in case of bad rain, rain and snow, and can also adapt to the environment of items that require high environmental requirements.

    The door seal of the industrial door has the properties of rainproof, windproof, dustproof and blocking the circulation of indoor and outdoor hot and cold air. The surface material is made of high-quality polyester fiber material or fiber rubber material, which has high wear resistance and toughness. It also has certain flame retardant and self-extinguishing properties.

    The top of the curtain panel of the door seal has a large bearing capacity, and the top curtain panel can be cut according to its own requirements, so as to realize the perfect lap connection between the top curtain panel and the vehicle, and well protect the loading and unloading goods.

    Door seals for industrial doors are usually used in logistics, food, medicine, chemicals, textiles, electronics, rubber, automobiles, supermarkets, refrigeration, and other places.

    wuxi newton technology dock shelter
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