wuxi newton technology pvc high speed roller shutter

PVC high speed shutter door

PVC high speed shutter door

Wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door

The main function of the pvc high speed shutter door is to open and close the door quickly, and it has thermal insulation, moisturizing, dust-proof, insect-proof, sound-proof, wind-proof, etc., so that the workshop can maintain a constant temperature, constant humidity and clean working environment. It is suitable for new energy industry, lithium battery factory, food factory, pharmaceutical company, electronics factory, rubber, chemical industry, automobile, textile, refrigeration factory, logistics and other fields.

The pvc high speed shutter door consists of a door frame system, a door curtain system, a drive motor, a control system, and a safety system.

Frame system:

The main material is carbon steel plate or aluminum alloy.

Curtain system:

Mainly composed of PVC fabric or aluminum alloy profiles. Drive motor system: It is mainly composed of brake pads, motor and reducer.

wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door
Control System:

The most commonly used IC boards are PLC/Inverter/Encoder or IPM modules. The control system used by domestic enterprises is mainly PLC/frequency converter/encoder.

Safety system:

Mainly infrared electric eye switch, safety air pressure sensor (some enterprises with high mechanical precision and high stability of control system use safety contact belt) or light curtain system; light curtain system should be the highest level of safety protection. Lifting speed: 0.8m/s-1.5m/s, generally about 2 seconds from the bottom to the top (the speed is 20 times that of the electric rolling shutter). Pedestrians do not need to wait or pose obstacles.

wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door


There are many ways to trigger the signal:

Manual button. Radar induction. Infrared photoelectric induction. Geomagnetic induction. Remote control and so on.

Door cloth material:

PVC or PVC film material is generally used as curtain cloth, especially PVC film material has better anti-aging properties, is not easy to fade, has self-cleaning function, and is very suitable for fast rolling doors. The origin is made in Germany or France. The thickness is 0.8mm-2.0mm. The 2.0mm thick door will change the entire product structure. Colors include orange, yellow, blue, silver, transparent mesh, black, etc. Orange is the first choice because orange is very eye-catching, stimulates the perception of insects, and has a certain anti-insect function.

    Driving motor:

    The pvc high speed shutter door adopts a braking deceleration motor, which has fast braking speed and low noise. Generally, the brake motors sold on the market either have poor braking effect or make a lot of braking noise, which are not suitable for fast rolling doors. The speed is more suitable than 1:10-1:15. This is a whole new way of control. When stopped, the brakes don’t need to brake, and the dry sound is further reduced.


    The door opening sensor provides a trigger signal to the control system. The control system sends a command to the inverter according to the current position of the fast rolling door. Start the drive motor to quickly raise the curtain. Vehicles and pedestrians automatically descend through the rear door curtain, closing the aisle until the next door opening signal opens again. As the name suggests, the fast rolling door lifts and lowers very quickly. It cannot be started and stopped directly like a steel rolling door. Generally speaking, the frequency converter needs to control the speed of the motor. The faster the rise, the better. When in place quickly (about 20cm), there needs to be a deceleration buffer stop process to prevent hitting the track, pinching and reducing noise. This is also a measure of the performance of pvc high speed shutter door.

    wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door

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    1. It really helped me when you said that PVC or PVC film material is used for curtain fabric. PVC film material, in particular, has excellent anti-aging qualities, is difficult to fade, has a self-cleaning function, and is ideal for quickly moving doors. I was considering installing this kind of door in my home to give it a more contemporary appearance. I appreciate you helping me learn about PVC doors, this is truly helpful, thanks!

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