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High Speed Door

What is the PVC high speed door

PVC high speed door brief introduction


When a door moves at a speed of more than 0.6 meters per second, we can classify it as a “High speed door”.

The most common ones are barrier-free isolation doors that can achieve rapid lifting.

PVC high speed door is a kind of common soft curtain fast rolling door, and its structure is relatively simpler.

The PVC fast door curtain adopts the high-strength fiber PVC coated fabric with a mesh-like inner clip formed by strong pressure. The thickness is 1.0mm, and the color is more diverse. The running speed can reach 1.2m/s or more. It is mostly used for fast circulation channels to seal off effect.

PVC high speed door applicable fields


With the rapid development of the pharmaceutical, precision electronics, food and beverage industries, the requirements of enterprises are getting higher and higher for the plant, production process and production environment.

In recent years, PVC high speed door has been widely used in modern industrial plants and logistics warehouses.

Its high-speed opening and closing feature is not only suitable for high-frequency traffic areas, but also can effectively reduce indoor and outdoor air flow, keep the indoor environment clean and dust-free, and save energy, fast isolation, and increase the efficiency of plant operation. Favored by industry users.

At the same time, PLC digital programming is adopted as a whole to realize the safe passage of people, vehicles and objects.

    PVC high speed door advantages


    • Excellent wind resistance and sealing performance: PVC high speed door is all made of high-quality wear-resistant PVC curtain fabrics, and a variety of colors are available. Not only can you choose according to the overall tone of the building, the special curtain structure has excellent wind resistance and sealing performance. Moreover, the track adopts a double-row brush seal structure with a PVC base, which increases the overall sealing performance.
    • The best guarantee for speed, indoor cleanliness and traffic efficiency: the opening speed of PVC fast doors can reach 1.2m/s or more, and the closing speed can reach 0.8m/s. Compared with traditional rolling doors, it can increase the material transfer speed by more than 5 times. At the same time, it greatly reduces the convection of indoor and outdoor air, prevents outdoor air and dust from entering the room to cause environmental pollution, and helps maintain indoor cleanliness and temperature.
    • Multiple safety protection: safety protection performance is very important to the safety of personnel and vehicles and cannot be ignored. Wuxi Newton PVC high speed door is equipped with standard buttons with emergency stop switch button boxes, and are equipped with safety protection devices such as photoelectric sensors and warning lights. Radar sensors and geomagnetic ring sensors are also optional to effectively improve the safety of personnel in busy areas.
    • Anti-collision reset design: Innovative soft bottom design with anti-collision reset function to avoid safety accidents, greatly reduce the damage to the curtain caused by accidental collisions, and reduce maintenance costs.
    • PVC high speed door can ensure the air quality and cleanness of the workshop to a certain extent, and it is the best choice to ensure the environmental quality of the workshop. With the development of the times and the evolution of the industrial level, various fields are now beginning to adopt the design of fast doors. For food, medicine, printing, electronics, rubber and other fields, PVC high spee door is their “ideal” doors.
    • With the continuous progress and development of technology, the functions and characteristics of fast rolling doors are constantly changing according to the needs of different users. From the choice of material, one of the biggest advantages of the PVC high speed door is that it does not rust.
    • PVC high speed door can be selected according to different environments and different needs, and one-stop solution to different application needs.

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