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Sectional garage door is common facilities used in enterprises, commercial facades, underground garages, private villas and other places. Especially the door openings are large and it is inconvenient to install the ground door body for convenient and quick opening.

Common garage doors mainly include remote control, electric and manual. Among them, remote control, induction, and electric can be collectively referred to as automatic garage doors.

Sectional garage door is a kind of remote control garage door. Because it is easy to use, the appearance is high-end atmosphere and it is popular among users.


wuxi newton technology garage door

Sectional garage door panel


1. The door panel is a double-layer composite panel with a total thickness of 40mm-50mm and a height of about 500mm. The thickness of the sheet is 0.326mm-0.426mm. The door side is sealed with a 2.0mm galvanized steel plate and has a square shape.

2. The color steel plate is treated by double-sided hot-dip galvanizing: after continuous hot-dip galvanizing of the cold-rolled steel plate, the double-sided standard galvanizing adhesion amount is 275/m or more.

3. The door panel is filled with high-density polyurethane foam material. The metal plate is tightly combined with the polyester foaming material, and the heat insulating layer has no holes and is formed into a whole body, and the metal plate and the heat insulating layer are ensured not to be separated for more than 10 years. The door body can withstand wind pressure 42m / s (12);

4. The surface of the door body is pressed by the square frame, and the surface is pressed with orange peel treatment, which has a relief effect.


    Sectional garage door hardware


    Guide rail: 1.5mm thick galvanized steel plate is used for forming.

    Side hinge: made of 1.5mm steel plate, blue and white galvanized (de-oil removal, pickling phosphating, and then galvanized).

    Roller: The roller is sealed by imported bearings, and the outer layer is die-casted with white nylon. Highly resistant to wear, anti-aging and long service life.

    Spring: 70# twisting force, surface electrophoresis anti-rust treatment.

    Sealing strip: The lower end of the door leaf and the joint between the rail and the wall are provided with sealing strips, which are highly resistant to aging, environmental protection, cold resistance, long-term use without deformation, and can effectively resist the erosion of sand and rain.

    The rest of the hardware is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, hot-dip galvanized or blue-white galvanized, the surface is painted (two coated and two baked).


    wuxi newton technology garage door hardware

    Sectional garage door motor


    Microcomputer program control, easy to use, press the remote control handle, and the motor comes with automatic delay lighting.

    Super quiet, green and environmentally friendly.

    There is emergency lock in power outage, the switch is easy.

    Beautiful, elegant, simple and generous.

    Resist the rebound and ensure the safety of people and vehicles.

    Principle science, the door has a built-in torsion spring, the torque and the door weight are equivalent, so that the door body is in the “zero weight” state, and the pulley is running in the track, so the resistance is small, the energy consumption is small, the maintenance rate is low, and the durability is durable.

    Parts are easy to disassemble and update, which is conducive to maintenance.

    wuxi newton technology garage door opener

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    wuxi newton technology garage door    wuxi newton technology garage door

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