Stacking high speed doors

Stacking high speed doors


Stacking high speed doors is a kind of high speed doors, comes from a high-strength strap sliding door, so it can also be a “strap door”.

  • Introduction of stacking high speed doors

The soft curtain door has the functions of health, wind protection, information, fire protection, anti-odor lighting, light, etc., and is widely used in food, chemistry, textiles, freezing, printing, supermarket frozen fittings, precision machinery, logistics electronics, etc. This kind of scene is suitable for exterior doors of logistics channels, large openings, windproof requirements, etc., to meet the needs of happy and clean places, and has the advantages of saving energy, improving the effect of air conditioning, high-speed automatic closing, and improving efficiency.


    Heat preservation and energy saving: The quick opening and closing function of the door improves the heat preservation effect in summer and winter, reduces energy loss and saves energy.

    Sealing and isolation: The bottom is equipped with an elastic PVC base cloth air seal, which can be precisely combined with various uneven grounds, and can reach the standard of 10,000. The doorpost seal adopts a unique double-layer brush to increase the sealing performance. The unique sealing system and efficient sealing method can block the movement of hot and cold wind to the greatest extent, prevent the entry of external dust and insects, and effectively isolate the spread of odor and noise.

    Safety performance: The door frame and door box are made of high-quality cold-rolled steel structure with a thickness of 2.0~2.5mm, with high-quality baking and painting process; 2.0~2.5mm thick stainless steel or 3.5mm high-strength 6063 oxidation-resistant industrial aluminum alloy column.

    Power system: Adopt a dedicated motor for stacking doors.

    Control system: adopt high-tech PLC and frequency converter control.

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    Stacking high speed doors

    Product overview

    Stacking high speed door is widely used in food, chemical, texitle, freezing, electronics, printing, supermarket frozen assembly, precision machinery, logistics and storage and other places. They are suitable for logistics channels, large-area openings, and internal and external doors with high wind-proof requirements. It can meet high performance logistics and clean places, and save energy, improve the effect of air conditioning, high speed automatic shutdown and improve efficiency.

    Product color


    Silver Grey

    Orange Red



    Product advantages

    • The quick opening and closing function of the door improves the heat preservation effect in summer and winter season, reduce the energy loss and save energy.
    • Saving sapce: Large-area material PVC can be stored into a small volume and can be rolled on a metal shaft, which can save container space.
    • Wind resistance: The cord with built-in ribs is reinforced and designed for wind resistance. After professional testing, the wind resistance performance can reach level 10 to ensure that the door can run smoothly in windy weather. Even if there is an emergency, it can also ensure the safety of personnel and goods.
    • Sealing: There is a weighted air-proof cloth at the bottom, which is tightly combined with various uneven ground and the sides and top are well sealed.
    • Frame: The overall frame has high rigidity and good flatness, it is made of high quality carbon steel, and the surface is treated by electrostatic spraying, the stability is high.
    • Track:Using the patented products, the integrated high quality carbon steel plate bending, electrostatic spraying combination track, it is integrally bent from 2mm thick steel plate, equipped with a brush to seal the track, which has good sealing performance and it is easy to replace, clean and repair.
    • Door curtain: French imported door curtain, composed of high-strength polythylene coated polyester mesh belt and streamlined glass fiver reinforcement, thickness is about 1mm, equipped with aluminium alloy ribs, transparent windows can be added, curtains can be split and replaced.
    • Protection: Temperature-sensitive circuit breaker motor protection, motor protection level ≥ IP55.
    • Safety protection: Infrared security, the door can rebound to open when the infrared beam is interrupted during the descending process.
    • Control system: The dedicated system is equipped with a visuslized man-machine dialogue window, which can display various fault codes and working status in the routine maintenance. It equips with the high-bright blue and white LED screen, to provide complete information and intelligent operation in terms of parameter setting and operating status display. Any action can display its signal source, allowing the users to easily judge the operating status of the door through LED scrren, and can quickly find out the malfunction under an abnormal status.

      Product parameters

      • Running spped: 0.6m-1m/sec
      • Control box: Bast vector frequency conversion, frequency conversion control system
      • Limit switch: Multi-turn absolute encoder
      • Power supply: 380V
      • Safety standard: According to EN ISO 12100
      • Test life circle: 100,000 times/year
      • Wind resistance rating: Level 10
      • Standard size: Maximum 15000 x 10000mm