Roller shutter doors

High speed roller shutter doors


The high speed steel roller shutter doors are a new type of metal industrial door that is insulated, energy-saving, sealed, efficient, wind-resistant and environmentally friendly. It has a fast and safe opening speed and is suitbale for logistics channels that require frequent high speeds.

The high speed steel roller shutter doors are installed on the top of the door opening, occupies a small top space, and does not hinder the installation and arrangement of  pipelines and equipment, such as fire pipes, cable and wires, air pipes, and driving vehicles.

    • Door panel

    Door panel: Double 0.7mm thickness double-layer aluminum panels are used for one-time composite molding through the assembly line. Inside material is PU (polyurethane) with a bulk density of 50kg; the total thickness of the door panel is 40mm and the width is 185mm; the wind resistance level is ≤12.

    • Standard configuration

    Power supply emergency opening device, infrared safety protection system, operation button box, contact eith trigger safety bottom, coaxial motor, professional control system.

    • Characteristic

    This product has high reliability, practicality, easy operation and quick repair. The drive control adopts a stable, energy-saving and accurate frequency conversion system to ensure the reliable operation of the door body, ensuring safe operation for more than 150000 times per year.

    • Easy to repair

    The door leaf is a split assembly structure, and the door slats are independently fixed. When repairing and replacing, you only need to replace the corresponding slats, which can be replaced quickly and minimize maintenance costs.

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