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wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door

The high speed door is an industrial door with many functions such as heat preservation, cold preservation, windproof, insect proof, fireproof, sound insulation, etc. It is these advantages and the convenient and fast opening and closing process that are deeply loved by the majority of manufacturers. Not only the quality of the high speed door itself is good, but the installation process is also very important. Only when the installation quality is improved, the operation of the fast door can be longer and more stable, which saves a lot of unnecessary troubles in the factory.

wuxi newton technology pvc rapid door

The use and control of high speed door is mainly divided into: 1. Button, 2. Pull rope, 3. Remote control, 4. Automatic geomagnetism, 5. Radar, 6. Photoelectricity, 7. Linkage interlocking, 8. Induction. Next, we will introduce to you how to install the high speed door?

1. The installer is familiar with the installation drawing of the high speed door before installation, and reconfirms whether the inspection line is in place. At the same time, other preparations that need to be installed must also be taken into account. accessories, installation tools, etc.

2. Before installation, check whether the size of the door is consistent with the size of the hole; whether the number of guide rail brackets is correct; The technological process can be roughly divided into: the treatment of the hole, the track elastic line, the transmission device for fixing the reel, the no-load test run, the installation of the curtain plate, the installation of the guide rail, the test run, and the cleaning steps.

wuxi newton technology pvc rapid door

3. Hole treatment: Check again during installation to check the consistency of the size of the hole and the installed product. Generally, the width and height of the hole should not be greater than 5m, and check the position and quantity of the embedded parts.

4. Spring line: first measure the door opening, the elevation, and pop up the vertical of the two guide rails and the center line of the reel.

5. Fix the reel transmission device: weld the backing plate on the pre-embedded iron plate, fix the left and right brackets of the reel with screws, and install the reel of the fast rolling door. After the installation is completed, the fast rolling door should be able to operate flexibly, and then Install the reducer and transmission system, and finally install the electrical control system.

wuxi newton technology PVC high speed shutter door
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