wuxi newton technology glass garage door

Glass sectional garage door

Glass sectional garage door


Wuxi Newton Technology glass sectional door

Glass sectional garage door: This door is widely used in automobile 4S shops, equipment showrooms, shopping malls and other occasions. The glass sectional garage door body is made of aluminum alloy and tempered glass. Product features: 1. High-quality aluminum alloy profiles 2. High-strength impact-resistant tempered glass 3. High-speed running motor 4. Safety anti-falling device 5 Shows the elegant taste of the building

1. Door panel:

(1) Thickness: 40mm

(2) Material: high-grade aluminum alloy profile, thickness 2.0mm

(3) Door panel frame: The profile specifications can be selected according to the size of the door panel and the wind resistance performance to select the corresponding model, size, and model profile. And there are a variety of profiles with anti-pinch functions.

(4) Color: Provide a variety of different colors for customers to choose (white, gray, silver…)

(5) Surface treatment: Electrostatic powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying process, fine and smooth feel, warm and non-fading color, firm coating that does not fall off, and has good anti-corrosion and anti-rust performance

(6) Transparent board: high-strength impact-resistant PC board with a thickness of 3.0mm. Wind pressure resistance, cold and heat resistance, strong impact resistance, etc.

wuxi newton technology glass garage door

2. Hardware:

(1) 2.0mm galvanized steel stamping formed bottom support, center hinge, roller, adjustment bracket, etc.

(2) Track: Rolled with 2.0mm thick hot-dip galvanized steel plate, the specification is 2.5″ or 3″. The track adopts an anti-off structure design to ensure that the guide wheel runs smoothly in the track.

(3) Guide wheel: wear-resistant nylon, double rolling bearing design, smooth operation, no noise.


3. Operation mode: There are many options according to the construction situation

(1) Standard 90-degree upward sliding type.

(2) High-level promotion method

(3) The center beam is balanced and vertically lifted.

(4) Vertical lifting of the overhead torsion spring

4. Safety device:

(1) Airbag protection device at the bottom of the door (when the door slides down and encounters obstacles, the door will automatically open in reverse)

(2) Infrared function (when the door is closed, when someone or an object passes through the door opening, it will block the infrared shooting and the door will open backwards)

5. Balance system: 82B torsion spring is used to ensure that the torsion spring has a working life of 50,000 working cycles.

wuxi newton technology glass sectional garage door door

6. Sealing system: EPDM sealing strip is used at the bottom of the door, galvanized steel buckle and rubber sealing strip are used on the side and top, strip-shaped sealing strip or concave-convex sealing strip is used at the middle connection of the door panel, and the sealing strips have antifreeze , Moisture-proof, anti-seepage and other properties.

7. Drive system:

(1) The shaft-type side-mounted industrial sliding door motor is adopted. The motor is equipped with a reducer and can be equipped with slow start and slow stop functions. In special cases, transition chain motor drive can also be selected.

(2) Motor drive voltage: 220V/50Hz or 380V/50Hz.

(3) Rated power: 375W, 750W.

(4) Limit method: mechanical limit or electronic limit.

(5) Working temperature: -15°C~+60°C.

8. Small door opening: Small doors can be added to the door body. The frame and buckle of the small door are made of special aluminum alloy profiles, and the specifications are usually: 800×1800. Anti-wind pressure: ≥750Pa, in special cases, external reinforcing ribs can be added to the door panel to meet the wind resistance requirements of the door body.

9. Operation mode: Manual type, electric button operation type, remote control type. Door running speed: 10~15m/min.

wuxi newton technology glass sectional garage door


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