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Sectional overhead doors

Sectional overhead doors


The industrial overhead door is composed of multiple door panels connected by hinges. Its door panel is made of 0.4mm double-sided color steel plate, fill with a polyurethane foam material with a density of 40kg/m³. The features are heat preservation, sealing, wind resistance, and stable operation. , Low noise, etc.

Sectional overhead doors are a matching door category which is mostly used in modern industrial production, warehouses and logistics. Its installation methods are diversified and suitable for different building door openings. The appearance is beautiful and generous, the embossed surface and corrosion-resistant. The sealing tape cover around the door body not only strengthens the heat preservation and airtight performance, but also adopts to the development of modern cold chain logistics.

    In terms of structure:

    the industrial overhead door is designed with a good balance of attraction, control system, safety device and other components. The dedicated industrial door motor can make it run smoothly, quickly and with a long service life.

    In terms of practicability:

    We must not only consider the basic functions of industrial doors, but also the safety and protection of industrial lift doors.

    On the basis of stable operation, the protection system of industrial lift doors is also indispensable. The sectional overhead doors euips with the basic standard when designing: infrared protection device, air bag induction protection device, wire rope break protection device and torsion spring break protection device.

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