Wuxi Newton Technology high speed door

Hard metal high speed roll up door

Hard metal high speed roll up door

Wuxi newton technology hard metal high speed roll up door

Turbine hard metal high speed roll up door represents the highest level of industrial doors in the world. It has high reliability and practicability. Its high-speed operation can resist strong convective wind pressure and unparalleled work efficiency. It is unique in today’s industrial field. Alternative, reasonable mechanism design minimizes its failure rate.

Aluminum alloy hard metal high speed roll up door – a new type of metal industrial door that integrates fast, energy-saving, airtight, high-efficiency, wind resistance, and environmental protection. It has high reliability and practicability, and its operating speed is 6 times that of industrial sectional doors. Above, with extremely high work efficiency and higher safety, hard metal high speed roll up door is gradually replacing industrial sectional door.

Wide application:

The turbo hard metal high speed roll up door can prevent the intrusion of outsiders while resisting weather changes, and can isolate indoor and outdoor air convection, so it is the most economical choice for frequent access passages, and it is the first choice for industrial energy saving and consumption reduction.

Hard fast doors are widely used in equipment manufacturing enterprises, automobile manufacturing enterprises, food processing enterprises, government construction, commercial real estate, fire protection, underground garages, etc., as factory exterior doors, vehicle off-line access doors, frequent logistics access doors, Large garage entrance and exit access doors meet various requirements of customers for wind resistance, heat preservation, speed, efficiency, dust prevention, and energy saving.

    Dual helical turbine:

    The aluminum alloy fast door adopts a double-helix turbine structure, and the guide rail is conducive to the acceleration of the door body, which makes the door body more stable when running at high speed, reduces noise generation, and improves the safety index. The single-turbine structure currently on the market is prone to cracks in environments with large temperature differences, and in severe cases, safety accidents may occur.

    Wuxi newton technology high speed roll up door

    Control system:

    Customized electric control box for fast doors, stable performance, frequency conversion control, screen display, easy to monitor and check for faults. Reliable operation in both hazardous areas, whether in gaseous or dusty environments

    Wuxi Newton Technology high speed door motor

    Lifting method:

    Turbo spiral guides are the standard design specification and are the best solution when there is sufficient space above the door. When the space in the depth direction of the upper space can make up for the height of the upper space to a certain extent, the elliptical lifting method can be considered.

    Wuxi Newton Technology high speed door

    Panel structure:

    The aluminum alloy fast door panel is made of double-layer stretched aluminum panels at one time. The surface is finely pressed stripes, which are anodized and organically colored, and the middle is filled with polyurethane foam. The internal broken bridge design in the middle can increase the heat preservation effect, prevent the loss of indoor and outdoor temperature, and save energy. The surface of the door panel is treated with 5 layers of organic coloring, which greatly improves the corrosion resistance.

    Wuxi Newton Technology high speed door panel

    Safety device:

    The hard fast door is equipped with infrared radiation/safety light curtain and safety bottom edge. When there is an obstacle below, the door body will remain open; When there is an obstacle, the descent will be delayed. If the object is in the blind area of infrared safety protection, the equipment of the safety bottom makes the door body quickly rebound to the most open position when the door body is pressed against the obstacle below, effectively protecting the object or pedestrians below and avoiding accidents.

    Wuxi Newton Technology hard metal rapid door


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