Industrial door maintenance

Industrial door maintenance


Industrial door has a large area, a heavier weight, and frequent openings. Although there is sufficient safety margin in the design and production process, the industrial door maintenance is required frequently in long-term use to maintain durability. Regular inspection and maintenance can avoid adverse consequences.

  • Wire rope

The wire rope is one of the main parts that pull the door body up and down, and must be kept in good working condition. Check regularly (once a week) to check whether the wire rope is firm, whether there are burrs exposed, broken wires, etc., and whether the wire rope is in the correct position of the rope groove. The wire rope wheel is one of the main transmission mechanism parts for the lifting door body to move up and down. It is necessary to check whether the key pins and fixing bolts of the wire rope wheel are fastened regularly. If there is looseness, use a wrench to tighten it.

  • Spring

The spring is the main balance configuration for the balance of the entire door body and must be kept in good working condition at all times. Check whether the spring steel wire has cracks, whether it escapes from the spring fixing seat, whether the fixing screw is loose, etc. should be checked regularly. If you find the above situation, you should stop using it immediately and contact the dealer or our factory. We will send someone to deal with it as soon as possible to avoid serious consequences. Since the spring has a running-in period when it is first used, when it is used for 3 months, you should contact the installation unit to send someone to adjust the spring force, and then adjust it every 12 months.

    • Guide rails and pulleys

    The guide rails and pulleys are the support and guidance that ensure the door body moves up and down. Although the door body is balanced by a torsion spring (counterweight) balance system, the slight blockage of the guide rails and pulleys will cause greater damage to the door opener (motor). The load caused unnecessary failures. Always keep the guide rail free of foreign matter and lubrication, wipe or remove the dirt or foreign matter in the guide rail regularly (once a month), and add butter to lubricate it to keep it easy to go up and down for a long time without signs of jamming.

    • Hanging foot plate

    The hanging foot plate (anti-falling lifting foot) is the lifting fulcrum of the whole door body, the hinge is the pulley to directly fix the steering bracket, the anti-falling guard plate is the protection device for the wire rope to prevent the door body from falling down and the guide rail installation and adjustment plate, their screws are tight and tight. To ensure the safety of the entire door, it must be kept in a tight working state. Normally, it should be checked and adjusted regularly (every 30 days) to avoid accidents caused by loose screws.

    • Sealing mechanism

    Sealing mechanism, its good or bad is related to the size of the indoor temperature loss coefficient. Always keep it clean to prevent it from being damaged or bitten by other things.

    • Door body

    The door body is made of double-layer hot-dip galvanized embossed color steel plate, the surface is pressed with uniform columnar stripes, the core material is polyurethane, and the back panel of the door body is equipped with steel reinforcing ribs. Compressed by advanced production lines, the appearance is colorful, soft and generous, and durable.

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